What to Expect for Pump Installation in Suffolk, NY

After choosing a reputable contractor and a new heating system for your home, the biggest step that will happen next is installing the pump that powers everything. Most expert companies have rigorous guidelines for any installation process, and while you may never see the steps they take behind the scenes, there are a few things which you should expect to happen leading up to and during the pump installation.

Energy Efficiency Check

Before pump installation in Suffolk, NY, most contractors will run a thorough check on the efficiency of your home. The primary goal in this step is to evaluate and reduce the energy usage of the home so that the pump can run as efficiently as possible. Basic improvements that the company may suggest include insulation and sealing measures in the attic, windows or ducts. With an energy efficient home, the new pump will not need to run as much, which will thereby help extend the lifespan of the pump and the system as a whole.

During Installation

After the energy review is complete, your company will continue to stay in touch with you and should update you about an hour before the installation expert arrives at your home. He or she will begin with preparation of the area to ensure a clean and safe pump installation process. Consider helping the process move along more quickly by removing any furniture, shelving or obstacles from the area where your new pump will be installed. The installer will lay drop cloths before removing the old pump and any equipment that is in the way of installation.

After installation is complete, the contractor should clean the work area and start the system. The initial system startup may take some time because the contractor will need to confirm that the pump runs correctly and performs every function that it should. Remember that the contractor should show you how to operate the new system before leaving and give you any final paperwork. Always contact us if there are any issues following installation or if you have any questions.

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