Fireplaces In Greensboro NC

Fireplaces Greensboro NC are more than an attractive luxury. The provide an essential center point, a fulcrum for your home. While many people recognize the beauty of a well-designed and installed fireplace, what is often overlooked are some of the fringe benefits.

A Family Center

A fireplace is the perfect focal point for your family, big or small, to gather and connect. The glow of devices and their screens can be replaced by the glow of the flame. Fireplaces in Greensboro NC are a particularly good place to gather during the winters, but the benefits are not limited to the cold months. When night falls, regardless of the season, a fireplace can be the ideal spot for a family to get a little extra warmth, from each other and from the hearth they sit around.


Traditionally, a fireplace is placed in the living room, adding ambiance and a sense of comfort to that essential area. However, the benefits could be extended elsewhere. The same comforting radiance can uplift other common areas as well. The kitchen, which has been gradually taking over as the focal point of family togetherness, can be enhanced with a well-positioned fireplace, perhaps at the end of an island. The bedrooms, havens of evening relaxation, are also ideal for the glimmer of a fireplace. Greensboro NC, with architecture both traditional and modern, has many homes that lend themselves to the installation of fireplaces.

Outdoor Fireplaces

With brisk breezes year-round, Greensboro NC is particularly well-suited for the use of outdoor fireplaces. Outdoor living space has become more and more important in home design in recent years. The need to integrate with the environment is an essential architectural choice for many home owners. An outdoor fireplace makes it possible to both create an outdoor living space and expand its level of comfort. As evening falls and the temperature starts to drop, an outdoor fireplace can make it so you and your family can enjoy a few more hours in the embrace of nature.

More Efficient Fireplaces

Fireplaces have gotten a bad rap for efficiency. But that is beginning to change. A Greensboro NC fireplace, even during a harsh winter, can provide relatively efficient heat. Modern fireplaces can be designed to be as high as 75% efficient, converting 75% of the energy from burned wood into heat for you and your family.

Fireplaces have long been a part of the American landscape. With new thinking around design, they can play an even bigger role in a comforting, warm home. Contact The Flame Company for more information.

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