Garage Door Installation

While you may be used to installing doors inside your home, installing garage doors, manual or automatic, is an entirely different animal. If you need to have a garage door installed in Berwyn, it is best to leave it to the professionals to ensure that it is installed correctly. Of course, it depends on your preference as to whether you get an automatic or manual door, but a professional can help you make the correct choice for not only your garage, but also your driveway. Many homeowners still prefer manually operated garage doors. This does limit your choices of materials as the door must be light enough for you to pull up and down. If you have a preference and would prefer a wooden door, then you would need an automatic door.

Energy Efficiency

There have been many advances in garage door technology over the last several years. In addition, garage doors are made to be much more visually appealing than what they were in the past. If you want an energy efficient door for your garage, an insulated door is a great option. When you get a quote, ask if you would be better off getting an insulated garage door for your installation in Berwyn. These doors can help keep your garage cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Do you know that even if you do not choose an insulated garage door, just by switching out your old deteriorated door, you decrease drafts and increase energy retention? Every time someone opens the door between your home and your garage, the temperature in your home goes down in the winter or gets hotter in the summer.

Protection from Unwanted Pests

If your garage door has deteriorated and no longer hangs properly, you might as well hang a sign saying “Bugs and Vermin Welcome Here.” A mouse can get into your house through a hole that is under half an inch wide. The smallest crack allows ants and other bugs to join you in your kitchen. When you are ready for a new garage door installation in Berwyn, contact Roberts Garage Door Professionals of Chicago.

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