Wood Fencing Designs

Wood has been a staple in fence materials for hundreds of years. It is easy to manipulate into a number of different styles and functions. This ease of use is why it has been so popular. It is also a very abundant and inexpensive material. Designing a wood fence requires you to look at both functional aspects as well as aesthetics. There are many choices in both when you are looking at wood fencing.

Decorative with Function

The decorative with function style fencing is most popular choice. It provides a line to keep animals or people on the property and others off of the property. These fences provide great curb appeal and allow for a border between public and private property. Different styles such as lattice, picket, or flat top can match to different existing outdoor decor. Stain can be used to protect and highlight the natural wood look to give a finishing touch to the project.

Garden Fencing

Garden fencing is much more specific in purpose. A garden fence is used to keep creatures from snacking on your produce. Common designs for garden fencing include wood lattice and picket fence with narrow spaces. Pickets that are placed farther apart would allow for rabbits and other animals access to your vegetables. Lattice panels are designed to keep animals out. It also has a rustic look that can complement some outdoor decor schemes.


In some applications, your fence may be used to provide a private space on your property. This allows you to use your outdoor space without prying eyes of your neighbors seeing you. A prime example of this is a back yard. A wood fence in Chicago would provide greater living space in an area, while maintaining personal privacy for comfort. Like all wood fencing, paint or stain protects your privacy fence from the elements while creating a structure that fits with the existing style of the property.

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