Requirements For Concrete Demolition in Minneapolis

by | Feb 7, 2017 | Construction & Maintenance

In Minnesota, land developers need existing buildings removed before starting complex projects. These removals begin with demolition services. However, these services have strict requirements that must be met first before this project starts. The following are the requirements for concrete demolition in Minneapolis.

The Acquisition of Permits

The demolition service must acquire certain permits to complete the project. The permit determines what type of services are allowed. The permit must provide the right to conduct the concrete demolition using heavy-duty equipment such as wrecking balls and explosives. The demolition service must present their license to the city to obtain the permit. The demo service provider will pay the cost of the permit to complete the project.

Posting Notices for the Project

The demo team must post notices for the project in the newspaper and in social media. This notifies the public of the impending project so all residents are aware of the type of services performed. This may include the closure of certain roads to prevent access to the area. The demo service provider is responsible for ensuring that the public is aware of the project and the duration of time needed to complete it.

Securing the Area

The service provider must set up barriers to prevent access to the demo site. They must set up a parameter around the area to stop pedestrians from entering the area and becoming injured. They must also set up signs identifying certain hazards according to local safety regulations.

Completing the Project and Clearing the Land

The demo service will begin the project as specified. They must examine and inspect the area to ensure that no one is inside the building and take steps to prevent entry. Next, they must acquire waste management services to remove all debris from the area completely.

In Minnesota, land developers manage the removal of older buildings quickly. They use heavy-duty equipment and explosive to level the property without safety risks. They must also fulfill certain requirements as outlined in federal and state safety regulations. Land developers who need concrete demolition in Minneapolis can visit our website to acquire more information about the services offered.

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