Small Seasonal Differences and the Effect on Landscape Maintenance in Palm Beach

It is a huge relief to have the landscaping for your commercial property designed, planted, and completed. The immediate results of the time, effort, and cost are apparent in how building occupants and those passing by view the building and overall property. The simple aesthetic facelift can even raise the property value. However, even after the installation of new landscaping, the task is incomplete: landscape maintenance is continuously required, even in a climate that does not see cold winters.

More Than the Minimum

Landscaping creates most of the first impression that potential occupants, renters, and purchasers have when they see a specific property. This has made the installation of beautiful and detailed landscaping plans an essential task for property managers. Once installed, many property managers stick to a regular watering regimen without realizing that more effort can go a long way with their new plants.

Warmer-Weather Maintenance

The climate in Florida makes landscape maintenance in Palm Beach different than elsewhere in the country. There are no seasonal extremes that threaten plants and foliage included in landscaping or other features such as ponds and fountains. However, that does not mean maintenance duties can be ignored. Pruning, cutting, and weeding are continuously required to ensure that the right plants prosper and the landscaping remains manicured. As well, throughout the summer there is a huge threat of heat or lack of water killing off plants quickly, and landscaping companies can assist with the necessary increase in watering and shading certain plants.

While many people in northern locations are preparing for the inevitable cold of winter, those in the southern states are preparing for the perfect conditions for many plants and vegetation. Often in Florida and other southern states such as Georgia, the hot and dry summers make it impossible for many grasses, flowers, and even trees to grow and prosper. However, the winter months remain well above freezing, and landscape maintenance is easier, with less water and shade from the sun required for plants to live.

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