Stopping Basement Leaks in Baltimore

When a homeowner notices moisture accumulating in the lowest level of their structure, taking steps to stop leaking becomes a necessity. Failing to handle a basement leak quickly can lead to unnecessary damage to structural materials and personal belongings. Here are some ways to stop a basement leak altogether.

Take A Look At The Foundation

The exterior of the home requires routine evaluations to determine if cracks are present within the cement slab the home rests upon. If crevices become deep in the foundation level, moisture will make its way into the interior of the home. It is important to fill in cracks as soon as they are noticed. Foundation caulking cement works well for this purpose. Simply insert the nozzle of a tube of the agent into a crack and squeeze the contents inside. Spread the agent over the crack with a putty knife. When it hardens, moisture is sealed from getting through.

Use Tools To Keep The Area Dry

Dissidents work well at removing excess moisture from the air. These are found in home goods and hardware stores. Place these tools in each corner of the basement, as well as in areas where excessive moisture was noticed in the past. They will require swapping out with new ones when the sand inside of them becomes mushy. A dehumidifying unit also helps to remove excess moisture in damp locations. Fans and air conditioners dry out the hair in basements when needed as well.

Call A Professional For An Evaluation

When a basement suffers from leaking, calling a professional to assess the situation is best. The leak may be coming in through the floor or walls in an area that is difficult to repair. A basement leak specialist knows exactly what to look for and how to make necessary repairs promptly.

When there is a need to stop Basement Leaks in Baltimore, finding the right practice to handle the job is a must. Contact Armored Basement Waterproofing to find out more about the processes they use to remove moisture from homes and to schedule an appointment for an evaluation today. Follow us on Twitter.

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