Understanding Commercial Landscaping Costs

One of the most common mistakes made by commercial property owners and managers when it comes to hiring landscaping services is to choose a company based on price.

It may be tempting to go with a significantly lower bid or estimate for service, but this bottom line number can be deceptive. Most of the quality landscaping companies will charge competitive prices; it is only a specific group of landscaping services which offer much lower commercial landscaping costs.

Professional Services

There are many different factors to consider in commercial landscaping costs. The first is the expertise, qualifications, and experience of the company and the crew. Top landscapers have professionals on staff who work with the crews to ensure optimal landscape design and plant selection, correct maintenance scheduling for the landscaping as well as how to fertilize, weed and irrigate to provide an optimal return on investment.

Commercial Equipment

Another key aspect of commercial landscaping costs is the quality of the equipment used for each task. Commercial landscapers use industrial equipment from mowers and blowers to edging tools and heavy equipment for planting mature trees. This equipment needs to be constantly updated and maintained, but it also provides the best possible care for the landscaped area.

Time on the Job

Some companies may quote a low price for commercial landscaping due to a lack of experience in the bidding process, lack of specialized equipment or a misunderstanding of the time it will take to complete the job.

When this last factor is an issue, the quality of care can really suffer. If there are fewer trips to maintain the property, it will have a less kept appearance. In addition, weeding, fertilizing and even pruning and limbing of trees may be minimized, resulting in a less than ideal look to the landscaping.

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