Your Guide to Continuous Door Hinges

by | Dec 28, 2018 | Construct Today

When it’s time to replace the hinge on your cabinet or other door, it’s time to buy a continuous hinge. For most homeowners, this is also probably the first time you’ve ever heard of a continuous hinge. However, these versatile, heavy-duty hinges have been holding far more than their weight since before they were ever used for doors. Read on to learn more about where they got their start – and where to get yours.

From Pianos to the Everyday Home

Continuous hinges – once called piano hinges – got their start between the lid and body of pianos. These long, sturdy hinges are a single, continuous piece, and were quite useful for meeting the need to lift the piano lid without worrying about one of several hinges catching or giving out along the way. When designers saw how sturdy these hinges were, they transferred the technology to the modern continuous door hinge, like those available today through Amazing Door and Hardware.

Still Going Strong

Certain advancements have made today’s continuous door hinge even better than the ones used a generation ago for cabinetry, doors, and other applications. Today’s are no longer the thin, flimsy aluminum continuous hinges once fastened to cabinets to cut down on costs. Rather, today’s better retailers know that consumers want heavy-duty, sturdy, and reliable stainless steel continuous hinges to hold up their home’s heaviest doors or secure their real wood cabinetry. Just because it’s not holding up a piano lid anymore doesn’t mean these hinges aren’t still pulling far more than their weight!

If you’re in need of a continuous hinge for doors, cabinetry, or any application in your home, talk to your local hardware specialist today. They’ll be happy to help you find exactly the right accessories to keep your doors properly hung and swinging freely – all without a single hitch.

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